Baby Shukuru is a victim of incessant poaching and human-wildlife conflict occurring in the jungles of Kenya. Elephants who used to walk free in the jungles are now endangered. Like many other baby elephants in these jungles, Shukuru is an orphan and is being taken care at David Sheldrick Wildlife trust in Nairobi where he is being fed, protected and rehabilitated by humble keepers. Once they are no longer milk-dependent they are moved from this elephant nursery to other centers. Slowly they are moved to their natural habitat, but this can take few years (8-10) before they are ready to move in the wild. Most orphans who come to the park have been traumatized due to witnessing the slaughter of their mothers and families. They often arrive in poor health and have difficulty socializing with other elephants. Sometimes they arrive injured and no longer have the will to live. The keepers are there to help nurse them back to health and help them during their time of grief. Photos by Michael Nichols